Harbor City Grand Open!

Harbor City Grand Open!

Harbor City will open on March 16, 2018 at the central shuffle which is bustling with the acceptance of overseas large cruise ships.

The facilities are centered around experience-focused customer attractions and exchanges, and in addition to drug stores and shops selling high-quality premium home appliances, the latest in everyday sundries, and traditional handicrafts, you can also taste the B-grade gourmet food of Hakata’s food carts.

There are also fittings for Japanese-style clothes and cosplay, nail art and salons, all kinds of measurable healthcare facilities, and ways to experience traditional Japanese culture and the latest technology.

A concierge desk offering travel guidance and other services has also been established. It will offer assistance for various tours, sightseeing, Wi-Fi and mobile phone rental, and other services, making it a place for international travelers visiting Japan to turn to when they need help with something in addition to offering a bit of hospitality during their stay in Fukuoka.